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Camden Town

     Just a short Tube Ride North of Central London is an eclectic neighborhood filled with vibrancy in the London Burough of Camden Town.  The canals and locks that help push the colorful boats are a sight to see.  It is an easily walkable town and is also home to the famous Camden Market.  The Market shouldn't be missed as it there is something for everyone with its unique shops, cafes, bars and food stalls.  Music is a big part of Camden Town's history especially the London Punk scene in the 70's as bands such as the Clash and Sex Pistols played at the famous Dingwall's Dance Hall which the building is now a landmark inside of Camden Market.  After perusing through the sites and Regents Park, grab yourself a pint at one of the many Camden Pubs!

Cook Islands

     Located in the same time zone as Hawaii, and much farther South, The Cook Islands are a hand full of islands formed by volcanic activity deep in the South Pacific.  This moderate tropical climate is nestled between French Polynesia and American Samoa.  While English is one of the official languages, Cook Islands Maori is the other.  The Maori Polynesian culture is evident in the dress, culture and music of the local islanders.  The Cook Islands have a long history with New Zealand and the locals are not only citizens of the Cooks, but also considered New Zealand nationals.  This blend of cultures also brings much of what is unique to New Zealand to the islands.   While there are 15 islands to explore, Rarotonga is the most visited and where the capital of Avarua is located. 

Recent Stilettos and a Suitcase Adventures

Cartagena de Indias

The feel of pirates from long ago pillaging and plundering the old city of Cartagena de Indias, Colombia is something undeniable.  Founded in the 16th century, it is a port city on the Caribbean coast  named after Cartagena in Spain. Most simply known as Cartagena; it is popular for both international and Columbian tourists alike for its many white sand beaches such as Bocagrande on the main land, but also the islands (such as the Rosario Islands) which are close in proximity.  Inside the "old walled city", one can dine in one of many restaurants while taking a break from exploring the museums and cathedrals.  The city boasts an impressive display of preserved colonial style architecture.  Neighborhoods such as San Diego and Getsemani are great to mingle with the locals and the Castillo San Felipe Barajas high on top of the hill is a fortress not to be missed!  

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